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Latest money transfer api by Direct bank, instant money transfer to beneficiary Account, Money transfer any time even Sunday, domestic money transfer service launched in pay2all, 24X7 Money transfer, instant confirmation transaction done or not, minimum amount charged by pay2all Now money transfer service can use every one easy by pay2all money transfer api

using Money Transfer API, Developer can integrate Money transfer features in his/Customers Website, easy to integration with hight Security with SSL features.

Money transfer api works for all bank who is accept IMPS/NEFT/AUTO, IMPS is most popular mode to transfer money any time even Bank Holiday Also, just enter Bank Account number and IFS code to transfer money easy

make https request to send money to other bank, https is secure protocol

Many company registered with to transfer money facility to his own website, with completed his platform , its support all platform like PHP JAVA, .NET , ANDROID, iPhone, Windows etc

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1% Flat is current charges for IMPS or NEFT, and Money transaction easy with your website or android app

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ICICI Bank is India’s largest private sector bank and more than 1 crore accounts have been opened through the BC model.

facility through BC Model is provided in two ways:

  • Card based : A unique card (like debit/credit card) is provided to access your accounts and to make transactions
  • Mobile based : Your existing mobile phone helps you open an account and make transactions Financial Inclusion is the process of providing suitable financial products and services to the unbanked and under-banked segment. The products and services are provided at an affordable cost in a fair and transparent manner by mainstream institutional players. ICICI Bank offers credit facility to clients sourced by Business Correspondent Partners.

ICICI Money Transfer Service (BC)

Pay2All in conjunction with ICICI Bank announced ‘ICICI Money Transfer Service’ which is currently live.

Pay2All is working with ICICI Bank to enhance its base of Money Transfer Agents. The retailers who sign up for this service become ICICI Bank Business Correspondent Agents after ICICI’s approval. These retailers would be permitted to make Electronic Fund Transfer/Money Transfers on behalf of customers enabling them to do remittance to any bank using IFS code and Bank account number.

To transfer funds to the beneficiary’s account number, customer will have to deposit cash with the authorized ICICI Business correspondent Agent. The ICICI Business correspondent Agent would initiate and complete the money transfer from his end. The customer would then receive a text message on his registered mobile number confirming the transaction details along with its transaction ID, amount transferred etc. How is fund transferred through this process? As soon as the agent initiates the transaction process, the system checks if the beneficiary’s bank is enlisted in the list of IMPS enabled banks. The Customer will receive an instant confirmation of the transaction on his registered mobile number. In case IMPS transfer is not possible, the system will send a request for NEFT transfer and the customer will receive a confirmation message depending on the NEFT cycle. How much money can a Customer transfer?

You can provide the following services to your customers using Pay2All ICICI Money Transfer:

  • Limit of Fund Transfer per transaction Rs. 5000
  • Limit of Fund Transfer per month Rs. 50000
  • Minimum Transaction Amount Rs. 100

What is the Refund Process in case of a failed transaction?

In rare circumstances it may so happen that the fund remitted to the beneficiary’s account does not get credited. For such circumstances, we have an effective remedial system in place to ensure that there is easy reversal of the failed transaction. · Every failed transaction is immediately notified to the customer through SMS and the transaction Id is provided for future referral. · Customer then visits the nearest ICICI Business correspondent Agent and furnishes his Mobile no. · The ICICI Business correspondent Agent will give the customer the complete details of the transaction and the reason for its failure. · In case of technical failure, the customer can choose to resend the amount or ask for cash refund. · Based on the customer’s reply, the agent has to initiate appropriate actions and customer will receive an OTP on his mobile. · The agent will use this OTP to process the customer’s request to either complete the transaction or refund the amount in cash.

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